A World Champion and CBD Inflammation Relief

Anti-Inflammatory Cannabidiol Super Bowl

Five years into the aches and pains that come with a career in the NFL, Super Bowl Champion, Jordan Norwood, was looking for a healthy alternative to the prescription painkillers that got him through two-a-days and game days in years past. In stepped a CBD topical ointment that was a safe and organic way to relieve pain right where he needed it.

“The season following my ACL surgery, I was introduced to a hemp-based, topical CBD ointment that I’d apply before and after practices and as I stepped on to the game field. It was the beginning of my independence from using prescription and over-the-counter pain-killers all too frequently. ” - Jordan Norwood | Founder @slabmule

By the time the Denver Broncos went to [and won] the Super Bowl that 2015 season, Jordan became a daily user of CBD topical creams and ointments. Applying the creams to his recently-restructured knee, he eventually found himself running down the sideline, with the football in his arms, running the longest punt return in the history of the Super Bowl--less than a year after ACL surgery and rehab. #redemption

Since that championship season, Jordan has continued to use CBD salves as needed and is a proponent when they’re done right. Unfortunately, he had trouble finding salves and ointments that were potent enough or that contained the amount of CBD that the manufacturer claimed to contain. For that reason, Jordan, in partnership with Z3 Sciences, has developed a product line of potent topical ointments that can serve both the high-intensity, professional athlete as well as the nine-to-five, desk employee with daily joint aches, pains or arthritis.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are continuing to be researched and refined, but, for the time being user-testimonials are king. Slab Mule, co-founded by Jordan, is a CBD retail brand that provides premium CBD products with quality assurance, competitive prices, a seamless customer experience, and zero THC. Our anti-inflammatory salve is called MAJIC, an acronym for muscle and joint inflammation cream. This product is made and manufactured in Colorado, all natural, organic, and packed with CBD. The essential oils used--grapeseed, eucalyptus, and more--give it incredibly pleasing fragrance. The ability to apply this cream in a localized manner, directly to the problem area, is a key reason that it became Jordan’s method of choice for pain-relief. Get started in your fight against inflammation today by using the code SLABMAJIC for 20% OFF your first order of MAJIC. Click here to buy!


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