Full Spectrum Oil vs Isolate: Which is Right for You?

CBD CBD Oils Full Spectrum Isolate

Are you getting the most out of your CBD? There are a variety of factors that determine whether you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Whether that’s the quality of hemp, the concentration of CBD, or even how it’s extracted from the plant. To be more clear, there are two main bases for CBD products, full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD differs from isolate, in large part due to the entourage effect.. While CBD isolate extracts only CBD from the hemp plant, thus isolating it from all other cannabinoids, full spectrum CBD is extracted with multiple CBD or CBD like compounds. These include CBN (cannabinol), CBG (cannabigerol), and THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin). While CBD is reacting to fluxuations in serotonin, other compounds can focus on neurotransmitters elsewhere. 

Although full spectrum CBD is often more familiar to marijuana users, CBD isolate is the purer of the two options. Due to the purity of isolate and Slab Mules promise to ensure THC free products, Slab Mule uses CBD isolate in all of its products. While CBD isolate is purer, it’s also more convenient. While THC regulations are enforced around the country, CBD isolate provides a legal option for pain relief.

Research will continue to be done and more ways to produce CBD will come along with it. At Slab Mule, we do everything we can to stay up to date on the latest industry findings and provide you with the best, legal products we can.

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