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There are tons of ways to get the healthy benefits of CBD. One of the latest trends comes from ingesting CBD oil. Slab Mule’s latest product line into CBD oils is CBDrip. With 3,000mg of CBD and zero THC, CBDrip may deliver strong pain relief or anxiety relief with just a couple drops under your tongue.

Now whether you choose to rub it on your skin, or take oils, the benefits of CBD are pretty similar. CBD has been shown to relieve pain and aid in protecting the body from a number of serious conditions, like depression and anxiety (though these statements are yet to be co-signed by the FDA). 

What In the World is CBD?

The process is fairly simple. Cannabidiol (CBD) is first extracted from Colorado-sourced industrial hemp plants, then often infused with hemp or coconut oil—CBDrip opts for MCT oil plus CBD isolate. CBDrip is quick, easy, and adds a dash of organic mint so you know when it hits your taste buds.

The difference is mostly just personal preference, smoking can seem too big of a jump for those unfamiliar with cannabis, not to mention the presence of THC. With CBD isolate creams and oils, it can be a much more comfortable transition. So check out CBDrip and the rest of the Slab Mule family. As more and more research is done, more benefits are uncovered, and we’re here to help find the best option for you.


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