MAJIC Wellness Tinctures

NeuroFocus combines 3,000mg of CBD + 300mg of CBG + β-Caryophyllene in a 1fl oz (30ml) bottle. NeuroFocus has shown to increase activity in low-beta brain waves as well as increase cognitive processing speeds. Low-beta brain waves are responsible for a heightened sense of focus and mental engagement ensuring NeuroFocus will put you in the zone!

CBDrip concentrates 3,000mg of CBD Isolate in a 1fl oz (30ml) bottle infused with our essential oil profile to increase bio-availability and fast-acting absorption. CBDrip has proven to increase Alpha brain waves which aid in decreasing stress during daily transitions from one task to the next. Alpha brain waves are most present during mediation and relaxation, ensuring CBDrip will deliver the daily moment of Zen and clarity you need.

All MAJIC Wellness tinctures include a dropper with [metric] volume indicators, so you can lock in your preferred daily dose. 

*Recommended Dose - 0.50mL/day - Adjust as needed to achieve desired effect.

  • 0.25mL/day = 120 Day Supply
  • 0.50mL/day = 60 Day Supply
  • 1.00mL/day = 30 Day Supply