Which MAJIC Wellness products should I use?

While we always prefer to avoid answering questions with questions, this one does require a little more thought. The products you use should be dictated by what you are experiencing and your personal wellness goals. MAJIC Wellness was created to be versatile, providing instant relief and recovery, long-term preventative care, and daily maintenance options. Which MAJIC products you use depends on you and your needs - You can depend on MAJIC to provide a variety of premium options to fit your lifestyle.

(MAJIC Neurofocus - Preventative Brain Health, Low-Beta Brain wave stimulation for increased focus; MAJIC Salve & Bath Bombs - instant Relief/Recovery; MAJIC CBDrip - Daily Supplement, reduced stress and anxiety, inflammation reduction) SleepGummies - fall asleep and stay asleep.


Why are MAJIC Wellness products better than what I’m already using?

We love that you have incorporated wellness-enhancing compounds in your routine already. If you’re like us, you’re constantly searching for reliable and effective products that continue to work and improve your daily life. We learned first-hand how difficult it can be to find something you love, so we decided to make it ourselves. MAJIC Wellness products are all born from experience and reliable scientific evidence. We intentionally use higher concentrations of cannabinoids and combine them in the most effective ratios with other natural compounds to efficiently deliver a proper dose. Most other cannabinoid-based products simply don’t carry enough of the active ingredients to create a discernible impact. 

(CBD reduces inflammation that causes most pain; highly concentrated dose; expensive premium ingredients; CBG, β-caryophyllene)


Why do CBD products cost more than other wellness products?

MAJIC Wellness products incorporate far more than CBD. We take meticulous care to use only ethically sourced, cruelty free, pure and premium ingredients in all of our formulations. Each wellness-enhancing product from MAJIC is made with a purpose. We use proven essential oils, cannabinoids, terpenes and natural compounds to deliver effective results every time. Not all brands are created equal - Our uncompromising commitment to quality is evident in every highly-concentrated dose. 

(30 day supply; highly concentrated cannabinoids; expensive premium ingredients; CBG; β-caryophyllene)


Will any MAJIC Wellness products make me “high’?

MAJIC Wellness is designed to be safely used by anyone - We guarantee that our products are THC free and accompanied by certified third party lab tests. We are dedicated to athletes, professionals, parents, veterans, and anyone who depends on a clear mind and clean system - While we understand the medicinal and therapeutic effects of THC and full spectrum products, we want to provide and promise safe options for those who monitor what goes in their body and depend on accurately labeled products with zero undesired effects. 

(CBD is not psychotropic; THC Free)


How does the MAJIC Wellness CBD pain salve work?

The MAJIC Wellness CBD pain salve is our flagship product and the impetus behind not only our name, but our philosophy. The Muscle And Joint Inflammation Cream we first fell in love with works for several reasons. Our unique blend of essential oils help deliver pure cannabidiol (CBD) isolate to painful areas - ethically sourced yellow beeswax helps seal in the moisturizing coconut and lavender oils that enrich and soften your skin while the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD take effect. The light natural scents of eucalyptus, rosemary and ginger leave you feeling refreshed and relieved regardless of where you apply it. With a symphony of wellness-enhancing compounds working beautifully together in the proper doses, this concoction is the perfect representation of MAJIC Wellness and what we stand for. 

(CBD reduces inflammation that causes most pain, highly concentrated dose, expensive premium ingredients)


What're the benefits of Neurofocus?

Neurofocus is for your brain! It is our introduction of CBG and β-caryophyllene. We believe in the power of terpenes and cannabinoids acting as neuro-protective agents. Some studies indicate their ability to regenerate brain tissue, prevent cancer cells, and shrink tumors - Add the assumed anxiety-reducing effects of CBD and you have MAJIC Neurofocus. Total wellness is more than skin deep. A healthy brain and mind are critical to being your best you.

(CBD, CBG, β-caryophyllene)